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Sunday, December 9, 2007

This and That

I hate going over a week between posts. It stresses me out. The back of my head starts pounding, and every few hours, as I go over my "to do" list, I add: make sure to blog. Because out-of-date blogs are an annoyance of mine. And I don't want to make myself annoyed.

But life is busy. My December calendar, especially the next week, looks a bit insane. I will be singing the ole stand-by, "One Day At A Time" a lot over the next seven days (and I'll totally sound like a female Kris Kristofferson).

So, instead of blogging coherently, I will spout off a quick Top Seven List. That way, I won't be annoyed by a dusty blog, and will also be able to go to bed in ten minutes!

Top Seven Things I'd Like to Blog About, But Don't Have Time to Expand Upon:

1. "The US is not ready for a female President." That is a for-true statement I read on a moms-forum, echoed by quite a few women. Whaaaa??

2. The book I'm reading entitled "The Myth of a Christian Nation" by Gregory Boyd. The back-cover description of the book:
Arguing from Scripture and history, Dr. Boyd makes a compelling case that whenever the church gets too close to any political or national ideology, it is disastrous for the church and harmful to society. Dr. Boyd contends that the American Evangelical Church has allowed itself to be co-opted by the political right (and some by the political left) and exposes how this is harming the church's unique calling to build the kingdom of God. In the course of his argument, Dr. Boyd challenges some of the most deeply held convictions of evangelical Christians in America for example, that America is, or ever was, a Christian nation or that Christians ought to be trying to take America back for God.
A phenomenal read and soooo very comment-producing!

3. Ellie's first Christmas concert on December 24th. My baby's going to be on stage at church, singing "Jingle Jingle Happy Bells"!! Two big emotions: by baby growing up, and the fact that she'll be the only one up there who won't be able to stand and shake her happy bells independently.

4. My sincere thankfulness that the US dollar is now finally worth more than the loonie again. Thank You Jesus.

5. My sweet Grandma is, for the first time EVER (since I've been around...which, of course, is FOREVER for me!), not making Christmas dinner for the fam. We are ordering in and have rented a space for our family gathering. I cry inside every time I think about it. I don't want my Grandma to get too old to cook or have us all over for Christmas.

6. I missed the boat on Celine tickets and now they're selling for $1000! GRRRRR...

7. Wondering if cable is really worth $40/month. (Richard hasn't been privy to this thought yet) Could it be a new year's resolution to scrap the cable/TV, or is that going waaayyy over the edge?

Good night y'all!


Sunny said...

Your brain hurts my brain. I know that feeling of needing to blog but not enough time or energy to do it.

Cable is worth every penny for me. :) I would rather starve than lose my tv. MAN I am bad!

Tish said...

Don't stress yourself on blogging! I was doing the same thing, cause I hate blogs with no updates too. I finally realized it was better to have some short "here's what's happening, I don't have time to write" blogs, interspersed with the longer, thought out ones. So maybe just drop in with SHORT updates on the busy days. (Even just a sentence or two!) I confess, I miss it when you don't blog at all!

The Duncans said...

We did away with cable over a year ago. I made it through 8 weeks of bedrest with NO cable. If I can survive that- ANYBODY can survive!!! Of course, we have our 5 local channels- I watched every soap opera known to man in 8 weeks, and they sucked- but so was laying in bed. We have PBS, and there's cartoons (educational ones) on until 5pm, M-F. We have about 500 DVD's, so who needs cable?!
My advice, just do it. Cancel it. If you cannot survive, turn it back on. No biggie. Give it atleast a month. The first month is hard, but it gets better. I love the extra 50 bucks a month!

Laura said...

your post reminded me of the first Christmas program Addison was in. She couldnt shake her Christmas bells and that hurt my momma heart so badly.

Addison asked me yesterday if she'll ever have a "normal arm" UGH! How do you answer that. I reminded her of all the things she CAN do and reminded her to focus on that instead.

Also, cable is worth every single penny.

Love you!

Don't go to my blog because it's not up to date and it will annoy you. :)