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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Christmas Photo Shoot

Time for the annual Christmas card, so today was the official photo shoot. LOOK AT MY GROWN-UP BABY! (And, just for the record, it's a bit of an embellishment to have her pictured in her walker, because she doesn't actually use it for WALKING...yet. But, she can stand in it, and that's the first (pun intended) step!)

We also got Ellie's sled out, and she liked it so much....

...that she didn't want to get out of it after the picture-taking event was over. So, little Miss true-to-her-American-roots watched Saturday college football (Roll Tide!) in her sled, half nekkid.


Jane said...

Oh, she is way too cute! Why are girl clothes so much better than boy clothes? It's not fair. All the holiday outfits for boys make them look like tiny little Bill Cosby replicas.