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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Boo Hoo

I love where I am right now. In the quiet of the humid morning, sitting outside by the pool, just a *teensy* bit chilly on my naked toes. Drinking my fresh coffee with real half-and-half cream, listening to the whoosh of the water as it filters from the hot tub, watching a gecko zip along the fence.

The only imperfect part of this morning is that 30 minutes from now, it will be over. Everyone will wake up, and the packing frenzy will begin. By 7:30, we will be out of the house and on our way to the Orlando airport. And by evening, I will be sporting a parka, and Ellie will be trying to untie her toque (winter hat).

And tomorrow I will post from work.



Melissa (JoshieNMia'sMommy) said...

The reality of it all just simply SUCKS!! I hate the end of a vacation.....But, we missed you over on "the board" & I LOVE all the pics!! Looks like you all had a GREAT time!!! Come by & "catch up"!! We miss you over there!!

Anonymous said...

Does it help that I'm happy you're back? I have cookie recipes burning holes in my pockets and I need testers ASAP!

Peitricia Mae said...

Welcome back to Canadaland! (Am I allowed to welcome you back even though I don't live there? It's still my country....)

Ugh - end of vacation. Every time I come back from one I wonder if it's worth it. But it always is - give it a couple of days and you'll be back to normal with all your fantastic memories.

(Guess Tinkertown is off the list for Ellie now that she's done for real teacups!)