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Friday, October 19, 2007

Brace Yourself!

We picked up Ellie's "nana shoes" last week. We call her new AFO's (ankle-foot-orthosis, otherwise known as leg braces) that, because they have a picture of a ballerina on the back heel, and Ellie's word for balleriNA is "nana". The AFOs are supposed to provide support to her ankles, which tend to bend outward. They are also supposed to stretch out her hamstrings, to make them less tight. Lastly, the braces are supposed to keep her from "walking" or standing on her tippy-toes, which is what Ellie does naturally.

We've only had them a few days, so the jury's still out on their worth. The great thing is that she doesn't mind wearing them (except when she's on the floor, trying to crawl, cuz they impede her speed!). I'm especially thankful for this because she's supposed to wear them EIGHT HOURS A DAY. Ack! A couple of our therapists have suggested that she sleep in them, which makes my mom-heart cringe. It just seems so wrong to force your toddler to sleep with metal and plastic velcroed to her leg. We're supposed to introduce the AFOs gradually, so it won't be for a few weeks until she'd hit the 8-hour mark anyway.

As with any equipment, it's pretty stinkin' cute on the Ellster!


Kristy said...

I swear that Ellie is the happiest kid I have ever seen! She is always smiling.

Anonymous said...

Are y'all still coming this way next week? Hope to catch up w/ you sometime. I think we are going to Nashville on Sat (the 2nd) for a couple of hours but other than that we should be around. Can't wait to see your big girl!

Jonathan, Andrea and Luke said...

She's over the top cute!
Luke has AFO's. Private confession: We don't use them like we should. I crack under baby pressure. He only wears them during therapy. Shhhhh, don't tell anyone. I'm working up to it.