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Monday, September 3, 2007


I love it when Ellie does "typical toddler" things. It warms my heart and encourages me that she'll continue to do typical age-appropriate stuff as she grows older. I know that there are many moms out there who get ticked off at the messes their toddlers make, especially in cupboards, but I scream from the rooftops when Ellie tears through the Tupperware cabinet!

Where's Ellie?!


Laura said...

how cute is she! :) I'm one of those moms that thinks its cute when they get into the pots and pans. :) Canaan loves to pretend to cook. We're getting him a big kitchen for his birthday. :)

When are you coming to visit again? I need to write down the date. Love ya!

Laura said...

BTW, I tagged you in one of my blogs. Check it out. :)