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Monday, September 24, 2007

Hey Ho Away We Go, Donkey Riding...

Our church hosted a community block party over the weekend, complete with a petting zoo and pony rides. So, little Miss Ellie experienced her first horsie ride, and loved it! Hippotherapy, here we come!


Laura said...

you've gone on a blog posting rampage and I missed all of these great new pics of Ellie. They are GREAT! Looks like she's feeling better and had a blast on the horsey ride. :) Look at her in that Bama cheerleading outfit...too cute!

You have a FAB memory. Yes, Mercy is the name that we're considering. THe problem is I should have never told people that we were "considering" it. I should have just said this IS her name. When you're only considering it people tend to voice there opinions. HA! I still really like it. :)