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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ellie's Eyes

Several of you know that we FINALLY got in to see the ONE pediatric ophthalmologist in this province yesterday. I was fairly nervous about the appointment, because many people felt the need to relay onto me their horror stories regarding this doctor ("his bedside manner is terrible", "he's so mean!", "he's the rudest doctor I've ever met"...). And, of course, I always worry that a doctor will say, "Yes, there's a problem, but there's no way it can be fixed."

I spent a lot of time in prayer before the appointment, asking God to hug my heart, to thicken my skin, and to give the doctor special wisdom at exactly the point when Ellie was in his examining room.

My prayers, as always, were answered.

It was a rough morning, as Ellie is pretty sick with her cold (pneumonia? We'll be waiting at the Walk-In clinic in about an hour to find out...), and did NOT want to be hanging around Children's Hospital all morning (because it's MY favorite place to be!). But, the appointment itself went really well. The doctor was abrupt, yes, but he sees a million kids a day, so I understand why he wouldn't want to make small talk. Ellie's ophthalmologist in Texas was the same way (I think they may actually know each other, ha!), so this bedside manner wasn't anything new to us. He wasn't rude at all, and Ellie cooperated during the exam.

The best part was his findings. He said that Ellie was a little farsighted but not even enough to warrant glasses. YAY, I don't have to force her to wear her glasses anymore! She absolutely hates them, and it's probably because they make her vision worse, come to find out! He said that she should grow out of a lot of her depth perception problems (whoo hoo!), and although he wants to monitor her closely (every four months), right now, everything "looks great".

I'm fairly certain that Ellie DOES have some vision issues, but now I'm encouraged that they are part of her brain injury and that, as she learns how to compensate, and her brain builds new pathways, they will be resolved. I feel so much better knowing that he's keeping a close eye (pun intended) on her too.

Thank You, Jesus!


The Duncans said...

YAY ELLIE! Thank you Jesus :) Good news is always fun to hear!!! I hope she gets over her cold asap!

Rural Writer said...

Hooray! Glad you don't have to worry about the glasses any more. & sure do hope the docs get Ellie fixed up today so she feels better.

Sunny said...

God is SO GOOD!

Laura said...

Yes, like Sunny said...God is SOO good.