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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Top Five

Richie and I were on a (gasp!) date last night, and I asked him to come up with five of his "favorite days". It had us laughing, and it made my heart fuzzy to remember "the good times". So, here's MY top five list (in no particular order):

*The first time that Ellie slept through the night.

*The day Richard and I went to Atlanta, while we were still dating. I'm fairly certain that I fell madly in love with him at the CNN Headquarters there.

*Having dinner with Richard at a fancy restaurant in The Bellagio (Las Vegas). It was actually difficult to pick just ONE moment from that trip, because it was SUCH a good one!

*Winning provincials with my ringette team when I was in the fifth grade.

*Cast party celebrating the end of my high school senior year musical, The Gondoliers. Oh to have the energy to dance hard until 3am again!


Sunny said...

I love thinking about the good ole days!

Peitricia Mae said...

Those *are* great days. Got me thinking about mine.... I find that I view everything backwards through the lens of infidelity: "yeah, that was a good day and would have been in my top five, but that was before..."

Makes me wonder if/should I start to get a better lens.