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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Thanks Babe!

That would be THANK YOU to my dreamboat, Richie, for making my blog all pretty. Honestly, I tried to do it on my own, but after five minutes of frustration, I opted to ask for help. See, I *knew* there was a reason I married a computer programmer!

I picked this particular verse to display at the top (for now), because it's one of my favourites. It encompasses so many of my struggles in the past couple of years: I've always said that the most difficult aspect of Ellie's CP is playing the waiting game. I want to know NOW what she'll be capable of doing in five years. I want the doctors to tell me with certainty if she'll walk and talk and...Of course, no one is able to do that. So, I have been learning how to wait in the Lord. And, any verse that talks about running reminds me that no matter what Ellie is able to do here on Earth, there will come a day when she will run and jump and fly. Mmmm, sweet thoughts.


Tish said...

He is pretty good at the computer stuff, huh? Be thankful you didn't have to live through his learning to do all that, ha, ha, ha!
and I agree, you picked a great verse. It's hard to wait to know things. I want to know NOW! God's timing is not always our timing.
Anyway, your blog looks great!!! Now how did you do that Richard???

The Duncans said...

I Want One :) A pretty blog that is!!! Tee-hee Yay for Richie... he did good!

Laura said...

tell dreamboat to hook me up!! :) Love you!