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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My Purty Yard

Most of you already know that I'm not really an outdoor enthusiast. Oh, sure, I love me some skin-cancerous tans and a crackling bon fire at sunset, but that's about it. When we bought this house in October, I *knew* I'd have to step up to the plate, because the yard was awesome. I'm proud to say that I won't disappoint! Granted, landscapes are never as purty in pictures as in real life, so cut me some slack. I'm still PROUD!

View of stone patio and planters filled to the brim with thriving, colorful flowers (just don't ask me their actual NAMES). Notice the HEE-OOOJ rose bush on the far right of the bottom bed. It's starting to bloom and I'm so excited! (Although that certainly gives Richard an "out" for not buying me any for the next three months...)

Notice pretty wicked awesome perennial garden to the center and right of the house. LOVE IT!

Also, don't ask me what's planted in the back-yard field. I don't have a hot clue. I'm just PRAYING it's not canola, cuz that stuff STINKS when it blooms!

I had to slip one Ellie pic in here too. She ADORES the swing in the backyard (as do I), sweet thang! This one is especially for you, Jane, so that you can tell Oscar that he's not the only one that rips around in a diaper!


Sunny said...


Melissa (from CP board :) said...

You have quite the green thumb, Chrystie!!! Quite impressive! Your yard looks bee-yoo-tiful!!!

Jane said...

Lovely! And I always love me a good "baby in a dipe" picture. My black thumb has forced me to limit myself to container gardening only, but I'm still proud of my flower boxes and herb pots. I'm sorry to say I did not inherit Jack's talent for horticulture, but he has the decency not to mock me when he comes over.

Laura said...

It's absolutely beautiful! We did yard work last weekend but it doesn't look near this good.