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Monday, May 21, 2007

One Year, Eh?

We've been back in the Great White North for an entire year today. It's still somewhat surreal. Some days it feels like we've been back forever. Other days, I can still smell hibiscus flowers and taste a #1 Sonic burger, as if right back in Texas.

I realized today that I haven't thought about Dallas in a few days. And haven't yearned to be back in the Lone Star State for many weeks. I smiled about that. Not because I dislike Texas (far from!), but because it's nice to like where you are RIGHT NOW. For years, I have struggled with finding contentment in the present, and it's a sweet change to say, "I like where I am today."

I think that most of my contentment struggles are tied into my plaguing selective memory. I seem to only remember the good aspects of places we've lived, which leaves me feeling empty, lonely, and wishing to go back. Texas was far from perfect, mostly because LIFE isn't perfect. When I lived in Dallas, I would yearn to be back in Canada, because I only remembered the good things about IT. All in all, it's a vicious cycle, because it always leaves the glass half empty.

Today, the glass is half full. No, it's 3/4 full! I love being here with my family and life-long friends. On Saturday morning, I went to a quaint restaurant with my very best friends. Yesterday, the whole family was over for supper. Tomorrow, my sister will join Ellie and me for therapy in the morning. How GREAT is all of that?

Here's to my Home and Native Land.