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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

First "X" in Nine Years!

I got to vote today!

It's felt like FOREVER since I've been able to go to the polls and exercise my democratic right, since I couldn't in the US, and, well, I was just too lazy to get an absentee ballot sent to me every time there was an election in Canada or Manitoba. What a great feeling! It's so easy to take our political freedom for granted, and I really tried to breathe it in today at the Seniors Center (where I had to cast my vote). We are blessed. I love the power a penciled "x" on a piece of paper can give me (granted, the cynical political scientist would say that the people have very little power, but for today, I am being optimistic!).

And, hey, now I actually have the right to gripe about the government, because I went out and voted!

For those who are interested, I voted Liberal. Personally, the most important issue in this election was healthcare (hmm, wonder why?), and I felt as though the Liberal Party's healthcare platform was the strongest. I'm certain that our local Liberal candidate will lose by a long shot, but I was able to voice my political opinion outside the scope of my blog this afternoon, and for that, I am grateful!