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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Big D

Before we moved to Dallas, “Big D” meant something entirely different, ha ha!


I thought I would post a synopsis of the trip on my blog, so I don’t have to re-write the story a hundred times. Gotta love blog-land!

We had a fantastic time. TRULY. It was a bit more exhausting than I had anticipated, with the visiting and shopping, but who needs rest?! Besides, the activities were done TOGETHER, as a couple, and that’s what mattered. I had prayed that the trip would be a time of re-connection for Richard and me, and that’s what it was.

We were also able to visit with some old friends and co-workers, which was awesome. We earmarked Friday as our “social day”, so it was super-busy. It was sooo good to see Lori, John and Carol. And 20 people came out for “Lunch with Richard” while he was at work! We both felt loved.

I was also able to meet my new friend, Andrea. I met her on my CP Mom’s Board, and we met up for breakfast on Friday. It was SOOO great to hang out with her and baby Ella (I’ve even blogged about the two of them!). I cannot tell you how good it is to talk with other mom’s who are going through similar emotions and struggles. We could have talked for another two hours, but time was tight. I left feeling so encouraged by sweet Ella and her mom. ELLA AND ELLIE: MIRACLE BABIES FOR SURE!!

The rest of the weekend was designated as “Richard and Chrystie” time. Had I not thought of Ellie every two minutes, I would have assumed we were newlyweds again! We even held hands in the mall! You know you’re in love when you can shop for six hours straight and still desire to be in each other’s company!

Of course, we drove by the old house, and as expected, I had to keep the tears from falling. I don’t know why a THING conjures up such intense emotions. I suppose it’s because of the memories that are connected to 1454 Ridgecreek Drive. When I saw that the new owner had painted the garage and front doors GREEN, I nearly sobbed. It was such a vivid example of how this was not our house anymore. Life had gone on. And now the doors were green.

I have to admit that Saturday evening was a bit emotional for me. We had spent most of the day in Lewisville, our old city, shopping at familiar stores, and driving past the “old sites”. It was quite overwhelming and there were moments when I wondered why we had left it all. I questioned our decision to come back, even for a visit. I didn’t like the way I felt. I think my heart was confused. WHERE did I belong? Here or 1500 miles north?

THANKFULLY, when I awoke on Saturday morning, I was no longer sad. I think I just needed an evening to sulk and throw a “the grass is always greener on the other side” pity party. It was an ironic God-send that the weather was terrible (the worst dust storm in years, and my allergies were insane!) and traffic horrendous. They were reminders of how life wasn’t perfect in Texas.

We were supposed to fly home on Monday morning, via Chicago, but, as Richard and I well know, any time you’re traveling north in February, you’re playing with fire. Sure enough, O’Hara airport was shut down, and our flight was re-routed through Denver. However, we ended up with a 27 hour layover in the Mile High City. So, we sipped from the cup of spontaneity and decided to take advantage of our Colorado day! We rented a car and drove west, into the mountains. Richard was a Rocky Mountain virgin, and I hadn’t been out west for a few years (since your wedding, Jenn!). We found a quaint lodge-hotel up in the mountains, and spent an entire day taking in the majesty of God’s creation. It was the PERFECT way to end the trip.

And when we arrived in Winnipeg late last night, it truly felt good to be HOME. There was no question in my heart or mind that this was home, and it was right. Even though Ellie was spending the night at my mom’s, as soon as we walked into the house and I saw her Mega Blocks and Princess Chair in the living room, my heart was full and I knew that the world was well.