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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Back to Just the Three of Us

The visit is over. It's always bittersweet to say goodbye. On the one hand, I am ready to have my house and routine back, but on the other hand, I know that when we see Richard's family again, in six months or more, Ellie will have to get to "re-know" her Southern Grandma and Grandpa all over again. And that's hard.

All in all, I think the visit went well.

My hope and prayer is that as Ellie gets older, these visits will become easier and that she will remember her Southern Grandparents from the time before.

I *do* feel like we got jipped out of a vacation. Of course it's not Ellie's fault that she had an ear infection, but I was so looking forward to breaking up the long winter with a "southern" vacation. Oh well. Next year....